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Floral Design


Join us for one of the best floral design courses out there!

Poppies Flower Shop offers the best floral designing classes! Our next 4-week series starts July 26, 2022. Take your home arrangements to the next level with this floral design series that will guide and equip you to design!

Looking for where to learn floral design?

Floral Design Course Outline

$595 per person

Week 1:

Love & Bows

Let's talk about the gist of flower care and then put it to good use as we build hand-tied bouquets!

Week 2:

All about that Vase

We'll spend our time talking about the art form of creating the perfect vase arrangement. 

Week 3:


Ever wonder how people get those crazy shapes and unique designs? Yeah, we are going to uncover the magic of foam arrangements. 

Week 4:

The Main Event

Dinner parties, the Thanksgiving Table and the ultimate brunch on the patio all have one thing in common: the centerpiece arrangement. In our final session we will take all that you've learned to create the pista resistance of all floral arrangements. 

stop in, probably way more than I should, to hand pick my own stems for centerpieces and b

Let's build great things together!

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