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Caring for Succulents

People have been spending more time indoors with the chilly and wet weather. Poppies Flower Shop has been selling plants and succulent like crazy! Succulents are such a popular “house plant” right now due their ease of care and the variety of colors and types that are available. However, do not let the trend of succulents fool you, they can be very picky! This month, we will discuss succulents and the care they need.

Succulents are plants that are found in a variety of areas, but mostly dry desert climates. Succulents store water in their leaves, which means they are designed to survive drought ridden areas. Understanding a succulent’s natural environment is important so that you can care for them and that they will survive in your nice, insulated living room!

One of the keys to keeping your succulents alive is minimal watering. Many believe that succulents are like your other houseplants that love water. Succulents do not need a lot of water. In fact, when customers bring in their succulents to the store that need a pick me up, they are usually soaked in water down to their roots. I always suggest mimicking a watering schedule that is similar to the succulent’s natural lifestyle. If they are in a desert, they would only get water from rain water. Therefore, only water your succulents when the soil is very dry and make sure both the soil and the leaves get water. I always recommend starting out only watering once per week. I water all my plants on Sundays. Like bringing in a new puppy, you have to find your routine with your succulents, and this includes how much water they like and need.

Another key to keeping your succulent happy indoors is natural sunlight. Succulents are used to being out the desert with a lot of sunlight. I recommend putting your potted succulent in a bright window where they can get at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight each day. Sunlight is critical to their growth and overall state of happiness. Be cautious that they are not getting direct sunlight as less mature succulents may get scorched in direct sunlight. If you intend to put your succulents outside, you will need to gradually get them used to that much direct sun.

While it may seem silly, I always move my plants around every couple of months! Keeping the conditions the same (sunlight and room temperature), my plants get a new location in my house every couple of months. If I get tired at looking at the same pictures on the wall, they probably do too, right? Not only does this move them around your house, but it also encourages you to rotate the succulent around, so all sides are getting access to sunlight.

Finally, I always suggest using a soil with moisture control. It helps to ensure that your succulent, while inside, is using the water you give it correctly. Coupled with proper drainage in your container, you are giving your succulent the best chance at survival inside your house. Enjoy creating an oasis of happy plants in your home and reaping the benefits they bring with them!

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