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For the Love of Gourd

Oh sweet giggity gourd - it's NOVEMBER. The most magical season of all! Let's maybe rethink the name of this month: perhaps Gourdtober? Gourdvember? Doesn't matter, just put gourds in it.


I mean, people go wild for a lot of things in the cooler months... but GOURDS. They are what is up and we could not be more here for it.

Give me gourds on stair steps, give me gourds on table tops, give me gourds on a box, give me gourds with a fox - I don't care just serve me up some of that sweet, sweet squashen glory.

If we could take a second and just come to an understanding here... gourds are life. Beautiful, curvened seed chalices that they are, they bring joy to the coldest dead caverns of men and alight us all from within.

And while we're talking about gourds, lest we forget we've got some serious options here...

seriously MAGNIFICENT options. Hollow it out - it's a vase. Boom. Stack it in a bowl - it's a centerpiece. Boom. Hold it in your arms and feel it's everlasting love. Boom. Never sad again.

Where is your gourd may I ask? Are you holding it? Speaking sweet nothings to it as it deserves to be treated? What are you waiting for?! Get you a gourd, never let it go.

Poppies Flower Shop has a lot of important flowers to know and love but never forget the most important floral, ornamental, spirit lifting, joy bringing element of Gourd-tober. The gourd. Cherish it.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered,

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